The ultimate token of love

There’s something truly special about Fingerprints. No two people have the same fingerprint and they never change over time. These intricate swirls not only help you feel the subtle textures, they also hold a profound emotional connection. Every time you hold your loved one’s hand, it is a gesture of affection. A reassuring hand over your partner’s shoulder, holding your child or parent’s hand while crossing the road, these are all gestures of your undying love for them. So why not symbolize your bond with something which is a part of you and is unique?

That’s exactly what Fingerprint Rings are about. Crafted around the idea of “love that never changes just like your fingerprint”, these rings are a token of your unfaltering love which will stay with your loved ones till the end of time. 

Customized Fingerprint Rings, using the latest techniques, engraves your unique thumbprint on the ring. Get your engraved jewellery gift in just 4 simple steps. 

Step 1: Choose your ring

Fingerprint rings at are available in different opulent designs. From intricate cutwork like hearts, cross and diamond shapes embellishing the sides, these rings are super stylish and intimate piece of jewellery. Consider the metal choice (whether yellow gold or white gold), ring size and design.

Once you have found your perfect match, place the order on our website.

Step 2: Take your thumb impression

Next, use your ink pad and make a clear thumb print on a plain white paper. Aim for the clearest result. The clearer your thumbprint, the better your output will be.

Step 3: Send the thumbprint

You can scan and e-mail your fingerprint or you can send a picture of the white paper bearing your thumb impression to our official email address: .

Step 4: Receive your beautiful personalized fingerprint rings

In the meanwhile, our craftsmen design your beautiful ring. Once we receive your thumbprint, we will engrave the same on your chosen ring with utmost care and perfection. Once ready, we will ship your Fingerprint Ring to you. 

Fingerprint Rings for everyone

Fingerprint Rings is not just limited to the romantic couples.  This unique fingerprint ring make for thoughtful jewellery gift for the entire family. If you are looking for a special wedding gift for your friends, then this is definitely it. Parents love to imprint their child’s tiny feet and hands on clay or paper. Getting your child’s thumbprint engraved on the fingerprint rings is both durable and portable. These engraved rings are a way through which you can always be with your loved ones even if you are afar or long after you have left this world.

So, it’s time to step away from the clichéd gifts and give something which holds countless memories and is intimate.  

Shop for your customized fingerprint rings . Also, if you have any additional requests or any queries, you can contact our customer support at or give us a call on our Toll-Free number 1800-121-4653.